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This feature of 'KirpaSatsang' ('KirpaSatsang' – I)attempts to provide a basic understanding about the vibrant prayer service.The write-up - "BRO. DAVID's KIRPA SATSANG MINISTRY: Spirit-Filled Evangelizers who 'Go' and 'Bring More' to experience Jesus" provides some clues to understand the dynamism of the 'KirpaSatsang' prayer.
The next feature ('KripaSatsang' – II) will attempt to relate about this prayer form elaborating on the following related topics such as 'KirpaSatsang' and inculturation, inter-religious dialogue, a charismatic movement, a common annual celebration, etc.


The Foundational Dynamism of KirpaSatsang

Kirpa Satsang is a dynamic form of prayer which enables one to understand, be aware of and experience Jesus in the prayer-gathering and in one's life.
Kirpa Satsang is a medium of introducing God to his children by way of facilitating the process of listening to the Word of God, adore the Eucharistic Jesus, make intercessory prayers and give testimonies of the blessings received. It is actually a means to receive God's mighty grace and instill an ardent desire to remain in the grace-filled disposition, ultimately becoming a new disciple of Christ or an even better disciple of Christ Jesus.
What is envisioned via Kirpa Satsang ? The words of Jesus are “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (Mt.18:20). Thus when God's children come together, even though there may be many distinguishing aspects of their identities (they could belong to different faiths, different cultures, different backgrounds and identities), yet they have the commonality of coming together in the name of Jesus, and thereby the Lord's presence is guaranteed.
Kirpa Satsang is an open platform where one listens to the Word of God and allows oneself to be touched by the creative and living Word and thus become aware of one's primary identity, that of being a 'child of God'. It is thus a means to experience and glorify God.
Deepening Our Understanding from the Etymology of Kirpa Satsang
The name Kirpa Satsang is quiet self-explanatory.

Kirpa refers to grace. Now the explanation of 'grace' is not always an easy task. The term has spiritual and supernatural nuances. However, in common parlance, we could explain grace as 'the freely given, unmerited favor and love of God; the influence or Spirit of God operating in humans to regenerate or strengthen them'. In the Kirpa Satsang service, the devote desires to attain this divine dynamism.
Sat would refer to 'truth'. Jesus had affirmed about himself: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (Jn 14:6). For Christians, Jesus is the Truth. And Jesus is the One who is true to his word: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” (Mt24:35).
Sangath connotes togetherness. It is not a crowd, but a gathering of different people with a commonality of a purpose. Satsang is therefore a modality of being together to deepen one's understanding about what is really true amidst the many temporal, superficial and accidental aspects of life. Thus, there is a gathering of God's children who are united in a purpose to receive God's grace and experience Jesus as the true and eternal Lord.

The Basic Dynamics of the Format followed during Kirpa Satsang

Kirpa Satsang would normally begin with the recitation of the rosary till people gather. The rosary provides an opportunity for the believers and those who are new to the faith to be acquainted with the mysterious and gracious interventions of God in the history of humanity.
The recitation of the rosary is followed with praises sung in thanksgiving for God to be considerate of human beings and graciously intervene in our lives. After honouring God and becoming disposed to have a deeper experience, the Blessed Sacrament is exposed before the gathering and the powerful presence of Jesus is explained to the gathering.
As one is adoring and praising Jesus in the blessed species, the Word of God (which is again a gracious intervention of God) is proclaimed. The gracious Word is then explained to the faithful. Intercessory prayers articulate the people's needs before God. Praying over and testimonies towards the end help the people to all the more understand God's gracious interventions in the life of those who kept their faith in Jesus.
There are different formats of Kirpa Satsang followed. The above mentioned is one of them. However, the entire service ought to have the animated combination of Sravana, Dharsana,Manana and Sparshana. Sravana is hearing, Manana is meditation, Darshana is looking at the Eucharist or yearning for a divine encounter, and Sparshana is being prayed over.

Spirit-Filled Evangelizers who 'Go' and 'Bring More' to experience Jesus

Bro. David Masih right from his young age has been inclined to charismatic forms of prayer and worship. After his Final Profession in the Society of Pilar in January 2008 he was appointed at St. Joseph's Church Mandi Dabwali, Haryana. In Dabwali, he had been a dynamic prayer leader touching the lives of hundreds of those seeking to understand God's Word and experience God's grace.
Rt. Rev. Franco Mulakkal (Bishop of Jalandhar) appointed Bro. David as the 'Satsang Leader' for 7 Satsang Centers in his diocese since March, 2013. The centres are located in Gurdaspur district (Shri Hargobindpur, Kotli, Kahnuwan and Kadian), in Jalandhar district (Lambapind Jal and Boothan Jal) and Hoshiarpur district (Adampur). Being busy all through week visiting the centers and conducting Kirpa Satsang has been a very fulfilling experience for him.
Bro. David humbly acknowledges that God has used his instrumentality in touching the lives of people. He is contended to have shared God's Word to people from the villages and towns, to Christians and people of other faiths and to those who have no faith in God. He finds himself overwhelmed when he listens to the joyous testimonies of miracles and extra-ordinary interventions of God via the Satsangs he animates. He shares about a certain woman from Kahnuwan who became pregnant after 17 long years. He witnessed the testimony of a man who was born lame and began to walk after 30 years. He heard the cry of 'alleluia' over and over from the lips of a 21 year old man from Kotli who was born deaf and dumb. Bro. David has many more testimonies to share and feels very happy to be able to help the congregates have a divine experience.

The charismatic leadership of Bro. David has been recognized by the people of the adjoining areas given that he has been receiving many requests to come to their localities and animate Satsangs for their people in their localities. Bro. David elaborates on the dynamism of Satsangs informing that he has witnessed the faith increase – those with firm faith in Jesus, as well as those who are tepid and lukewarm in their Christian faith get their faith strengthened; people belonging to different religious affiliations get introduced to the Christian faith and they strengthen their devotion to Jesus. Besides, many persons of other faiths seek to be baptized as well. Bro. David also shares that many youngsters who would otherwise find pleasure with temporal delights have volunteered to assist and accompany him for his Satsang programs. A few youngsters have also come forward to join the Priesthood. A few youngsters who are receiving their initial formation in the Orientation Course Formation House of the Delhi Province of the Society of Pilar attribute their call to Bro. David.
Bro. David affirms that “Kirpa Satsang is an ongoing Pentecostal Movement in the Church, where the people experience the power of the Holy Spirit.” He adds, “those who experience the power – 'Go', and those who 'Go' come back 'Bringing More' ”. He believes Kirpa Satsang has an apostolic dimension of being evangelizers after receiving the Holy Spirit. Those who receive the power of the Spirit would but want others to also receive the life-giving Spirit. Bro. David accounts that on an average there is a daily assembly of some 300 to 400 persons participating in the Satsang.

Bro. David's 'KripaSatsang' services and some of his discourses are telecasted on 'PrarthanaBhawan' TV Channel (on Airtel Digital TV, channel no. 675). You could also visit the You Tube Channel - 'PrarthanaBhawan'. Check out the following link to listen to Bro. David's discourse on
sin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoDSFJi6rVQ&t=403s

Courtesy...... (Roshni 2017 May)