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About Pilar Society

Who We Are

We the Pilar Fathers are members of the Society of Apostolic Life, whose very raison d’être consists in actively introducing Jesus to all peoples, and sharing his teachings considered as 'good news'

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What We Believe

The Society intends principally to make Jesus Christ present among those who do not yet know Him and among Christians who have become indifferent to Him. It members are pioneer

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The "Society of the Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier", commonly known as the "Society of Pilar", was started by Fr. Bento Martins on 26th September, 1887. Fr. Bento then was a humble

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Fr. John M. Fernandes

As I sit down penning down these words for our website for the first time as a Provincial, I recall the days gone by. I never thought I would be asked to assume this responsibility of service. As I felt a bit inadequate assuming the role,the liturgy of the Eucharistic celebrationfor the Installation of the new Provincial administrationand specifically the Word of God (The Lord delegating Samuel to anoint the shepherd boy David in front of his brothers,

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