Delhi Province

Mission Status

Initially all the local communities of Punjab Haryana were grouped into a Mission under a Superior of the Mission. With the approval/promulgation of the Constitutions in 1982, the Mission came to be known as District having at the helm of it a District Superior. In 1983 the Society Assembly raised the District of Punjab-Haryana to the status of a Region and Fr. Anthony Paul Vaz became the first Regional Superior.

On 2nd July 2004, the Northern Region of the Society of Pilar was elevated to the status of a Province bearing the name, ‘Delhi Province’ and Fr. Menino Gomes was installed as its first Provincial. Fr. Diogo D’Souza, Fr. Anthony Rosario Fernandes and Fr. Albert Fernandes were his Councillors. Fr. Stephen Dias was the Provincial Treasurer.

On 3rd April 2006, Fr. Menino Gomes was reappointed as Provincial Superior of Delhi Province for a second term. His Councillors were: Fr. Max Gonsalves, Fr. Albert Fernandes and Fr. Roque Rodrigues. The Provincial Treasurer was Fr. Peter Fernandes.

On 3rd April 2009, Fr. Albert Fernandes was appointed as Provincial Superior of Delhi Province. His Councillors were: Fr. Dominick Falcao, Fr. Diogo D’Souza and Fr. Peter Rodrigues. The Fr. Peter Fernandes was reappointed as the Provincial Treasurer for the second term.

On 30th July 2013, Fr. Peter G. T. Melo Fernandes was appointed as Provincial Superior of Delhi Province. His Councillors were: Fr. Maria Michael, Fr. John Marcus Fernandes and Fr. Christopher Masih. Fr. Stephen Dias was appointed as the Provincial Treasurer.

On 1st August 2016, Fr. John Marcus Fernandes was appointed as Provincial Superior of Delhi Province. His Councillors were: Fr. Maria Michael, Fr. Cidloy Furtado and Fr. Adrian Fernandes. Fr. Amaro Martins appointed as the Provincial Treasurer.

  1. Registered Bodies of the Province:
    • (a) Society of Pilar, Punjab-Haryana.
    • (b) Society of Pilar, North India.

  2. Area of the Province:
    A part of the Diocese of shimla Chandigarh (Districts of bhathinda, Sirsa, Hissar, Mansa, Bhiwani.),
    part of Agra Diocese (Dholpur), part of Jammu-Srinagar Diocese (Bakshinagar).
    The Provincialate House is in Delhi Archdiocese (presently at Jangpura Extension, later to be shifted to Najafgarh)

  3. Number of Members: 53 priests and 1 Lay Brother

  4. Pilar House/Communities: Bathinda, Rampuraphul, Sirsa, Rania, Dabwali, Hisar, Narnaul, Dholpur, Bhaksinagar, Dinanagar, Kahnuwan.

  5. Nature/Characteristics of Pilar Communities:
    • a) Apostolic (Missionary) similar to Religious duly established and functioning mostly in Parish Houses with a Local Delegate Superior/House Council and Bursar with regular community life, community prayer, programmes, celebrations and animated by the three evangelical counsels.
    • b) Working in the Mission stations to preach the Gospel and establish the Church.

  6. Church structures in the Area of the Province:
    • a) Diocese/Dioceses to which the Province is limited/extended:
      • i. Diocese of shimla Chandigarh. Local Ordinary: Rt. Rev. Ignatius Mascarenhas
      • ii. Diocese of Jammu Srinagar. Local Ordinary: Rt. Rev. Ivan Pereira.
      • iii. Archdiocese of Agra. Local Ordinary: Rt. Rev. Albert D’Souza
      • iv. Archdiocese of Delhi. Local Ordinary: Rt. Rev. Anil Couto
    • b) Ecclesiastical Status of the Territory: Province
    • c) Ecclesiastic Authority appointed by the Bishops in the Area of the Province where the Pilar Fathers are working: Parish Priests and Assistant parish priests