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Bathinda is a big, bustling town situated about 360 Kms north west of Delhi. From the Baptismal records and from the scarce correspondence that is available, one can conclude that Christianity existed in Bathinda as early as 1900. The town did not have residential priests but spiritual help came from visiting priests, mainly from religious orders like the Oblates and Franciscans. They probably were based in Ambala or Sirsa. The Oblates contributed to a great extent towards the maintenance and growth of Christianity in this area outstanding among them was Fr. Albano Swarbrick, the first residential priest. In his long years of service (1921-37) he worked like a zealous missionary to maintain, strengthen and to spread the faith. He also worked hard to acquire a place for religious services for the Catholics, mainly railway employees in Bathinda. The prayer room under the water tank can be said to be the fruit of his toil.

Ecclesiastically Bathinda was part of Agra diocese and later on of Delhi-shimla Archdiocese. In 1959 shimla was created a separate diocese as ‘shimla Chandigarh’ and Rev. John Burke was its first Bishop.

From 1960-62, diocesan priests took charge of Bathinda Parish but due to some reason the diocese withdrew its priests and asked the Pilar Fathers from Sirsa to look after the parish. Initially Fr. Mariano Pereira and Fr. Peter Mathias visited Bathinda and gave services occasionally. In 1961 the Bethany Sisters opened a Convent in Bathinda. A priest to look after their spiritual needs was an urgency. The bishop again requested the Society to take over the Bathinda parish. The request was accepted and Fr. Anselmo D’Sa was sent in 1963. Thus a permanent residential station began in Bathinda, though in a rented house.

The Fathers worked with great enthusiasm and zeal and in a few years time bought a piece of land and built a hostel cum presbytery on the Power House Road. They also started a Bal Niketan and a Dispensary to cater to the needs of the poor children and people. They also visited villages and established contacts as far as Ganga in the West (Dabwali), Gidda in the North, Sangrur in the East and Moll-Mandi in the South. Bathinda had 26 villages to look after. The Missionary apostolate suffered a set back with the sudden departure of Fr. Anselmo and the constant transfer of members thereafter. As the Christian community grew, the need was felt for a church, and in 1986 a beautiful Church was built on the plot of the Power House Road. It was blessed and inaugurated on 2nd October by Bishop Gilbert Rego when Fr. Anacleto Fernandes was the Parish Priest.

Besides services at the Church, The Fathers help out in other areas like the Convent of the Bethany Sisters, Air Force Chapel, Army Cantonment, etc. A major section of the parishioners live in the villages. Regular contacts are established with them. Besides the Eucharistic celebrations, Sangats (a form of prayer service) are also conducted by the Fathers in the villages.

The Society of Pilar had purchased 20 bighas and 10.5 biswas of land on the Power House Road in 1966 on which they built a hostel for boys and the Priests’ Residence. The hostel was blessed by Bishop Alfred on 17th March 1972. It provided some financial support to the unit. In 1984 the hostel had to be closed down due to militancy that plagued the State. Many of the boys emerged from the hostel as self-reliant and responsible citizens. Later on when peace prevailed, the activity of Bal Niketan was resumed. Boys from the poor villages were given shelter and education. Some of the Bal Niketan boys even became catechists, youth leaders and one even a lay Brother (Bro. David).

In 1984, when militancy was at its peak, the Fathers offered a ray of hope by starting an English medium School for boys. It was a pilot project of Fr. Anthony D’Silva. In 1990, the International Year of the Girl Child, the School also admitted girl students. The School had a humble beginning. In 1987 a plot measuring 4.32 acres was purchased in the Model Town, Phase II, and a new School building was put up which is one of the best Schools in the town today. It was inaugurated on 30th April 1989 by the eminent Julio Ribeiro, the then Advisor to the Governor of Punjab. The Senior Secondary Block was inaugurated on 19th November 2005 at the hands of the Deputy Commissioner of Bathinda Shri Rahul Bhandari. It was blessed by Bishop Gerald J. Mathias. The School is affiliated to the C.B.S.E. and has around 2500 students.

Besides the formal education in the School, the educational activity is also extended to the villages in the form of Coaching Centres. Here children of the village schools gather in a place and a teacher is employed to help them with their lessons. The Fathers monitor the working of the Coaching Centres from time to time.